Irek’s Votes – June 18, 2018

7.2 Dust on Vanderbilt/Sandpoint Yes 9-0 Correspondence
10.2 Development Charges for SSPD Yes 9-0 Presentation
10.1 Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Yes 9-0 Presentation
11.4 Digital transformation of development services Yes 9-0 Delegation
11.1 2018 Final Tax Rates Yes 9-0 Consent
11.2 Capital variance Yes 9-0 Consent
11.3 Prince Road crossing Yes` 9-0 Regular
11.5 Tender Francois Road Yes 9-0 Regular


Item 7.2 Dust on Sandpoint & Vanderbilt: Residents are finding dust on their cars, their windows and their eavestroughs. According to the report –the Ministry of the Environment has authority over dust pollution, so residents are should submit their complaints directly to the MoE.

I put forward the following MOTION which passed: I would like to put forward the motion – that Administration write a letter to the Ministry of the Environment requesting an investigation into dust pollution concerns on Vanderbilt and Sandpoint – and to provide a written report to City Council.


Council Question: the following question was asked and passed:

Residents maintain the small piece of grass on the city boulevard in front of their homes or adjacent to their homes.

In some instances however – that piece of city boulevard is upwards of 50 feet wide and close to 200 feet long. These oversized boulevards are 10 to 15 times larger than the residents own lawn and – in many cases – these boulevards have never been sodded or prepared so they are filled with phragmites, thick weed, large rocks and piles of concrete thereby making maintenance difficult.

I would like to ask administration to review the boulevard maintenance bylaw in light of these oversized parcels – and come back with recommendations.