Irek’s Votes – February 26, 2018

8.12 – Sandpoint Beach Chainlink Fence Yes 8-0 Regular
8:20 – Lublin/Icewater storm oversizing Yes 8-0 Regular
8.36 – Tecumseh Road & Forest Glade Drive Intersection Yes 6-2 Regular
11.2 – Banwell Road Development rezoning Yes 7-1 Delegation
8.18 – Hiram Walker sign amendment Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.6 – Seniors Advisory Committee Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.15 – Franklin OPA Amendment Yes 7-1 Delegation
8-13 – 1052 Drouillard zoning amendment No 3-5 Delegation
8.4 – WECHC Smoke Free Policy Yes 8-0 Delegation
11.1 – Cabana Road expropriation Yes 8-0 Regular
15.1 Chilver Crosswalk – Referral No 5-4 Notice of Motion
15.2 – Exemption from parking meter fees for 188 Ferry Street Yes 8-0 Notice of Motion


Item 8.2 – Sandpoint Beach Chainlink Fence: The City erected a large industrial chain-link fence in the water at Sandpoint Beach in response to an audit conducted by the Life Saving Society which recommended restricting access to the western portion of the beach and water due to the steep drop-off and dangerous currents.

The Capital Budget does have a project on the books to making improvements at Sandpoint Beach – including a possible “eastern shift” of the beach in order to permanently address the danger on the western portion. To date – no funding has been set aside for this project.

It has been 37 years since the last major investment in Sandpoint Beach.

Hence, I put forward a motion which was passed unanimously directing administration to bring a report back to the 2019 budget deliberations outlining opportunities for a phased approach for a long term solution at Sandponit Beach – one that would eliminate the need for a chain-link fence – including the estimated cost for any preliminary studies that would be required.


Item 8.20 – Lublin/Icewater Storm Sewer Oversizing: The City is partnering with the developers of the new streets between Little River Boulevard and Wyandotte Street in order to install over-sized storm sewer overflows in order to improve flood resiliency for the surrounding neighbourhood. This is in part a response to the flooding event of 2016 – making sure new development in East Riverside has the infrastructure necessary to protect homes in new and existing neighbourhoods.


Item 8.36 – Intersection Tecumseh Road East at Forest Glade Drive: I heard from residents that there appeared to be an increase in collisions at this intersection. Hence, I asked administration to prepare a report.

That report found that the collision rate is significantly higher than the City average – 68 collisions at the intersection and 43 total collisions at the mid-block approach – for a total of 111 collisions over a five year period. That collision rate is double the city average.

The report also states that the number of collisions have doubled at the intersection since 2014

In short – it appears that the current road infrastructure has not kept pace with new development that has taken place in the vicinity of that intersection from 2015 onwards.

There is a solution on the books in the form of the Environmental Assessment (EA) for Tecumseh Road East, which was completed in 1996 – 22 years ago. The EA provides a blue print for the infrastructure investments that are planned for this stretch of road.

I put forward the following MOTION which passed: That the completion of the Tecumseh Road East approved design in the vicinity of Forest Glade be referred to the 2019 capital budget process, with the aim of accelerating this work as a Council Priority Project.


Item 11.2 – Banwell Road Development: This is the largest development in Windsor – in terms of the scale of mixed residential and commercial development. It is transformative for East Riverside.

It brings tremendous potential in terms of improving the quality of life of existing neighbourhoods and in terms of investments for the City. Residents want to be able to take a walk around Blue Heron Lake and then take a walk to a coffee shop or a bistro or a boutique. They want a neighbourhood doctor’s office or chiropractor.

However, there are significant concerns – namely centering around flooding & traffic.

The City Engineer and the Planning Department have reassured us that construction permits will not be provided until they are satisfied that this development will not negatively impact existing neighbourhoods. At the next stage of this process – the developers will have to provide independent third-party engineering studies that speak to storm & sanitary capacity as well as a traffic impact.

At the same time, our City Engineer has stated that Administration will be pursuing a redesign and reconstruction of the Banwell and McNorton intersection – which has been a source of concern for residents for years. These improvements are welcome.

The developers themselves have demonstrated a genuine desire to work with administration and – most importantly – to listen to existing residents.

When residents stated – loud and clear – that they did not want a car was and gas bar on that corner, the developers removed those two items from their plans immediately.

The developers also organized an Open House – even though it was not a requirement of this process – because they wanted to share their vision and also to listen to resident concerns.

When administration put forward its recommendations – the developers made the necessary changes.

The one issue that eluded consensus – was the question of a mid-block access. When speaking to residents, the two key major issues raised were flooding and traffic – specifically traffic on McNorton and Leathorne, as well as traffic at the intersection of Banwell Road and McNorton.

The mid-block access on Banwell is seen as a pressure valve that would relieve some of the traffic on those two residential streets and on the intersection.

For that reason – I support the recommendations in the report which include, among them:

  • A denial of rezoning for a car wash and gas bar
  • Permission for rezoning to permit commercial and residential as per the report
  • Permission for an Official Plan Amendment that would permit a mid-block access on Banwell Road

Move the administration recommendation with one alteration that is to proceed with an OPA that would allow a right-in & right-out midblock access on Banwell Road, requiring a traffic study and options for enhanced pedestrian safeguards to be submitted by the developer at site plan control.

As well, that administration refer the intersection improvements at Banwell Road and McNorton noted by the City Engineer in the report to the 2019 budget deliberations.