Irek’s Votes – April 9, 2018

8.8 Referral of Rezoning for Dougall Avenue Medical Clinic Yes 9-0 Referral
8.7 OPA for The Gathering Windsor Inc Yes 9-0 Consent
8.10 Economic Revitalization Plan for WRA Clinic Yes 9-0 Consent
11.2 Streetlighting on Banwell Road Yes 5-5 Delegation
11.3 Alley closure on Vera Pl Yes 9-0 Referral
11.1 Jackson Park Washroom Yes 9-0 Regular


Item 11.2 Streetlighting on Banwell Road: I put forward the following MOTION:  That council authorize administration to proceed this year with the accelerated installation of the street lights on Banwell Road.

Note, the streetlights had been approved – but were not scheduled to be installed until 2019 at the earliest.  The whole point of the motion was that on an issue of public safety residents shouldn’t have to wait one more year to get basic infrastructure like street lights installed in a busy road.

It was possible to pull forward funding from an existing, approved and funded Banwell Road project scheduled for 2020 – and hence City Council had the opportunity to accelerate the installation of the streetlights on Banwell Road at no additional cost to taxpayers and no impact on existing projects.

Council unfortunately decided to go another direction and the motion was defeated in a close 5-5 vote.  Residents will wait to get their street lights.

The Windsor Police Services recommended in its report that “the City of Windsor should install street lights along this stretch of Banwell Road at the earliest possible opportunity.”

They conclude that the lack of street lights creates poor visibility that “greatly undermines their own personal safety while carrying out their duties.”

It should be acknowledged that the Police Chief did testify that in his opinion the road is not unsafe, based on the fact that the rate of collisions on Banwell Road are not elevated.

Yet, what was more compelling was the testimony provided by Tanya Adams who is the Executive Director of Banwell Gardends nursing home located right on that stretch of road – and the testimony of one of the residents Mr. Kim Kelly.

Both concluded that “safe, well lit, accessibility to the area services for the residents of Banwell Gardens Care Centre should be a top priority for this council.”

There are 172 employees and  142 residents who call Banwell Gardens their home – including the families that visit them, many whom are elderly themselves.

Imagine – residents in wheelchairs having to cut through parking lots on adjacent private property in order to get groceries at the nearby Metro because Banwell Road – a City road – is dark, it is not accessible and it is not safe for them to use.

Imagine that same nursing home – having to install reflectors on their driveways so that visitors can actually see the driveway when entering and exiting – trying to avoid the ditch in pitch black conditions.

Imagine – residents standing in front of two bus stops on narrow gravel shoulders in complete darkness waiting for their bus as thousands of cars whizz by.

In addition to residents of Banwell Gardens,  on average about  19,990 passenger cars drive down this road every day.

These residents deserve better than a road lacking in basic infrastructure – absolute basics like street lighting, adequate lanes, and sidewalks.

Below is a photo of a Mom and her Daughter walking on the unlit gravel shoulder of Banwell Road.